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Care guide

Baltic Brilliant - Commitment to excellence in the world of jewelry.

Jewelry care instructions

Jewelry is not only a symbol of beauty, but also an investment in style and elegance. In order for them to serve you for years to come and enjoy their appearance, we recommend the following care steps:

1. Wear with care:

  • Avoid wearing jewelry during physical activities, sports or sleep to prevent damage.
  • Take off jewelry when applying cosmetic products such as (creams, lotions, perfumes, etc.) to avoid discoloration and damage to materials.

2. Store properly:

  • Store jewelry in individual cases or soft pouches to avoid scratches and collisions.
  • Avoid contact of different jewelry with each other to prevent damage and abrasion.

3. Control humidity and temperature:

  • Avoid storing jewelry in high humidity and heat to prevent tarnishing and discoloration of the metal.
  • Do not leave jewelry in the sun or in proximity to heat sources.

4. Avoid chemical exposure:

  • Take off jewelry before contact with chemicals such as detergents and chemicals.
  • Avoid contact with salts and chlorinated water, especially when swimming in a pool.
  • After swimming in the sea, rinse jewelry with fresh water. Seawater adversely affects the metal surface.

5. Regular cleaning:

  • Clean your jewelry regularly, using a soft brush and neutral detergent.
  • It is recommended to use specialized cleaners for gemstones.

6. Professional cleaning:

  • Periodically contact a jeweler to get the settings professionally cleaned and inspected.
  • This will help prevent loss of stones and ensure the longevity of the jewelry.

Following these simple care recommendations will keep your jewelry beautiful and shiny for years to come.